Greg Kane

Music Education plays an essential role in the development of every child and every child should be given the opportunity to benefit from music education in their lives.

Music is one of man's greatest achievements and it plays a vital role in our survival as a species! Music consumption, partiicipation and appreciation present themselves in a variety of ways. Whether it's the backyard campfire guitarist, the rush hour karaoke hero, or the virtuosic concert pianist - music seeks each of us out and affects our souls in ways that are personal, meaningful and necessary.

We find ourselves living in a world where the value of immediacy is significant. Successful citizens are those who are able to think and perform quickly and respond dynamically to their immediate environment. Music makers of all ages learn to operate without hesitation in this very realm of immediacy. Music happens in real time and the cognitive processes that are essential to successful music making are unique, real, and without question, rigorous.


Some shared thoughts from me and my friends:


In 2007 I completed my master's degree at Ithaca College in Music Education. I was charged with creating a process-folio of my work. I like it and never took it down.